Convenience and increased efficiency is what you'll get with one phone call to PTS. We provide automatic gate opening systems, driveway gates, door/gate access control, lighting, dimming, appliance control, thermostat and HVAC control and central vacuum systems. And be sure to ask about our solar powered automated products to make your life even simpler.

Convenience and Ease

Discover the conveinence and ease of life by having your business or home systems integrated into an automatically functioning and easy to use format. Programmable climate controlled units save you money by automatically adjusting settings based on occupancy. Automatic gates and access control panels make entrance into plants and offices user friendly for trusted employees while maintaining an efficient level of security. And central vacuum systems offer the latest technology in vacuum engineering to keep your home or place of business clean and dust free. These along with other advanced services PTS offers are a great way to make your life easy and worry free. Check out some of our Automation Services below.

Automation Options

Driveway Gates and Gate Opening Systems

Both electric and solar powered models are available.

Door/Gate Access Control

Keypad Entry, Card Entry, FOB, and Fingerprint Recognition

Lighting, Dimming, and Appliance Control

PTS has multiple solutions for lighting control, dimming system and appliance control. Call a PTS representative today to find out more.

Thermostat and HVAC Control

Automatic Thermostats and HVAC control systems allow building owners to have more control over their heating and cooling units. These programmable systems can be set to alter building conditions based upon your preferred schedule and settings.

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems offer more suction than household vacuum cleaners. By relocating dirt and dust to a central location, Central Vacuum Systems also reduce the amount of dirt recirculated back into your living and working areas.