PTS offers the latest in home and business security. Burglar and fire alarm systems, surveillance camera systems, medical/life alert systems and 24 hour remote monitoring. You can choose a basic security system or a fully customized perimeter system including surveillance, keyless entry, and fire protection. PTS uses state of the art equipment, which can be installed during new construction or in existing homes and businesses. PTS also supplies and services Medical Alert Pendants.

Get Peace of Mind

In a simpler time, it wasn't uncommon for folks to leave their doors unlocked and windows open. Neighbors looked out for neighbors and a faithful family dog was all the protection you needed. If we lived in a perfect world, there would be no need for locked doors or security systems. Unfortunately, our world isn't perfect and even locked doors aren't enough protection anymore. As they say, "A locked door will only keep an honest man out." That is why PTS offers home security systems to fit any budget or need. Below is a list of tried and true alarm systems available for your home or place of business. Get peace of mind in your life by protecting your loved ones and valuables today.

Security Options

Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems

When you or your family is in danger, seconds count. Get an early warning with our advanced burglar and fire alarm systems which will allow you more time to move your loved ones to safety.

Surveillance Camera Systems

You'll be surprised by the effective results and clarity of picture our surveillance cameras offer. Not only will you be surprised, but so will the burglars and criminals you catch in the act. Our video surveillance systems provide a great way to monitor your home or office and help fight crime in your neighborhood.

Medical/Life Alert Systems

Whether you're concerned about your own safety or the well-being of a loved one, you can relax because your personal CareGard is always on duty. All it takes is the push of a button and an emergency response operator is on the line, ready to summon whatever help you need.

24-Hour with Remote Monitoring

PTS offers around the clock remote monitoring allowing you to enjoy the night or day whether you're in the office, at home, or even away for a well-deserved vacation.