Knowing where to look for professional installation of telephone systems, auto attendant/voicemail systems or computer networks can be a challenge, but not if you call Pioneer Technology Services.

Whether it’s business or personal, PTS specializes in all types of telecommunication needs. Often times multiple phone lines are needed to accommodate a telephone system, several computers, modems and fax machines.

No matter the size of your system, Pioneer Technology Services can keep everything up and running smoothly.

Your Complete Telephone Service Provider

In some situations, it would be beneficial if multiple computers could be networked together for file and printer sharing. Not a problem, just give PTS a call, we can set up your inter-connected office or home.

Pioneer Technology Services uses quality products with an expert staff that is licensed, certified, and insured. You can’t go wrong with Pioneer Technology Services. Call us for a free estimate today.

Telecomm Equipment

Multiple Line Telephones

Multiple Line Telephones

A multi-line phone is more versatile than a basic single line phone in that is has additional buttons on the base that place features and additional phone lines at the user's fingertips. Multi-line phones are especially useful for administrators and receptionists where multiple calls may be coming in at one time, or more than one phone number needs to be monitored. Please be aware that multi-line telephones do not operate in the same way as single-line telephones; if a phone jack is activated for a single line phone, a multi-line phone will not work in it.

Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Voice Over IP Telephone Systems

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocal is a revolutionary technology that will change the way you make long-distance phone calls. Using internet connection, VoIP can allow a caller to make local and long distance calls for FREE. By using state-of-the-art technology, internet calls can bypass the phone company and any charges to your phone bill.

Digital Phone Systems

Digital Phone Systems

Digital Telephone Systems allow you to use your phone system in new and innovative ways. By integrating your telephone system with your computer network you will be able to access more advanced features such as voicemail auto attendants and other call handling functions. Digital systems allow better call quality and more mobility. Digital phone cordless technology allows employees the freedom to move about the office while still receiving a clear, distortion free signal.