TDE-600 IP Telephone System

Highlights of the Panasonic Systems TDE – 600

  1. Digital PCM/TDM system with Non-Blocking communication
  2. Alpha Numeric Display Of Extension Name and Number.
  3. Excellent quality for DIGITAL Duplex hands free conversation.
  4. Auto redialing, auto answer.
  5. 8 Party Conference, Expandability etc.
  6. Option of 08 keys, 24 keys, DSS Phone with XDP and OHCA .
  7. Backlight display Telephone Instrument.
  8. Built in External Music On Hold, etc.
  9. ISDN-BRI, PRI, networking Card ready for future expansion and integration.
  10. Built in IP Gateway option.
  11. E1 Interface for Future Expansion, etc
  12. Integrated SIP telephony via ITSPs* and other SIP Trunking Providers.
  13. Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions as well as standard SIP phones.
  14. IP Phones and Softphones for Remote Workers and Road Warriors.
  15. Desktop, Network, & Business Application Integration.
  16. Business Productivity with Wireless Mobility Solutions.
  17. Built-in Voice Mail - with option to upgrade using KX-TVM50, TVM200.
  18. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (Installation & Network call costs reduced)
  19. Centralised Management & Upgrades.

Enhance your business with an integrated SIP solution designed to meet your ever changing needs – with wireless mobility, productivity applications, network solutions and a common infrastructure that supports companies with distributed and geographically diverse office locations and helps connect all your users with customers wherever they may be.

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